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Happy New Month Eve

Yes, the first 24 days of 2012 didn't go as planned. Yet I'm ready to take on the next 11 months of this year. Part of that came from being able to go home and attend Grammie's funeral. It was tough, I held it together pretty well and even stood up and read. Overall the weekend was about as good as one could expect under the circumstances. I saw cousins I hadn't seen in much too long, cousin's kids I had never met, and spent most of Friday remembering Grammie and just being together.

Plus, the girlfriend and I are celebrating New Month Eve. Neither of us had a great January, and both of us decided that we needed a fresh start. The idea was hers but I jumped on board immediately. I'm quite excited that we aren't waiting for 2013 to change course on an arbitrary day chosen by the calendar. And you know what, if February happens to go poorly as well, we'll just do the whole thing over in 29 days.

Speaking of the GF, I think I mentioned her in the past. Regardless, I was excited when she introduced me in her blog this weekend. She has a nickname for me which I support so she doesn't have to type the word boyfriend, and her blog was one of the reasons I asked her out in the first place. So I consider this an overall win for me. And, no I'm not going to link to her blog, we're not quite at the point.

So here is to the next 11 months of 2012. Hopefully your January was amazing and you don't need a fresh start, but if you do, grab a bottle of champagne(or some other bubbly wine) and celebrate New Month Eve with us.

Oh, and someone figured out what day Ice Cube's Good Day was, so January wasn't a total loss.