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12 Months

I'm in a period of some turmoil in my life. I'm working several avenues for a shift in employment, I'm debating moving within the next five months, and I'm possibly going to be out of the state for much of April and May. This morning was sort of a confluence of all of those things. And I started looking back on the last 12 months. Considering how 2012 started, I'm actually amazed at how many good things have happened since last spring.

  • Launched and revamped a website that has been more successful than I ever expected. Considering I created MSP Street Food because I was tired of being asked about where the trucks were today, I'm excited so many people are looking for food trucks every day. Traffic is already up from last year and it's only April. Cannot wait to see what the summer brings.
  • Participated in the Overnight Website Challenge.
  • Joined the Uptown Market board
  • Found a pretty cool girlfriend who is still putting up with me.
  • Became Chair for of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Tech Committee
  • Dug into a crazy complex project at work and am getting to the tail end of the initial steps.
  • Had my entire family come visit me and kept them entertained for most of a week even though it was 100 degrees the entire time.
  • Actually saved my tax return instead of blowing it on something I didn't actually need.
  • Published a project on Github. Which means someone else might actually use code I wrote for a project.
  • Became 90% more proficient with jQuery.
  • Made plans to collaborate on a project with two other developers who are always doing cool things.
  • Successfully went without beer for a month. Learned that I'm allergic to hops(ok this wasn't a fun thing but it was a good thing)
  • Went home for Christmas. And my parents bought a new house last week so that means next year we can all stay with them. Very exciting.
  • Reached a savings goal on time for the first time ever.
  • Finally figured out what I want to do for the foreseeable future. This is the biggest one. And even though I haven't gotten to the point where I get paid to do it, knowing the answer is amazing. Of course I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. But hey, little steps right.

So yeah, it's been a good 12 months. Where is that champagne?