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2013, A Wish List

2012 was a crazy ride. The first part of the year was tough. I didn't get a job offer I was really looking forward to, my grandmother passed away, and I didn't see 2012 as going anywhere good. But that all changed. I got a new job at Clockwork in May, a job that has been amazing. Busy, challenging, and sometimes stressful, but almost always in good ways. I love working in a place that lets me do my work as I see fit, as long as I don't suck or fail to meet deadlines.

So got a new job, the girlfriend continued to put up with me, went on a couple really fun trips, and accomplished a few goals I had set for myself. 2012 ended up going pretty well. But as 2013 starts I came to some realizations. I've found that I don't do some of the things I used to love. I never blog anymore, neglect Twitter often, and haven't pulled my DSLR out of the bag in almost a year. I decided I need ot change that.

I have a job now that doesn't leave me defeated 2 out of 5 days a week. I get to use up some of my creative energy at work every single day. But I feel like I need to do more things. I need to write more, interact more, and do more. So I have decided to post a couple belated New Years Resolutions.

  • Create more, I have this blog, I need to use it. I have a plan to turn this site into an aggregator of a lot of the things I do online. I'm not quite sure how I'll implement this, but I have an idea. Photos, writing, and code will all be present though. But before I do that I need to just write here more.
  • Interact more, I've been living in a bubble for a while now. It's time to let my extrovert side out again.
  • Connect more, I've let a lot of great friendships fall to the wayside. It's time to see if I can fix that.
  • Control it, last time I was really involved socially online I let everything interrupt everything else. Now I have no push notifications, email is only checked when I check it, and I am much happier. I'm going to keep doing this. The only messages that get through without question are text messages and phone calls, and those can even be disabled if necessary.