About Finnegan

You’ll probably run into multiple references to Finnegan(or Fin). We adopted Finnegan in February of 2022. He was listed as a 1 1/2 year old Collie/Lab mix. The only behavior issue noted was that he occasionally did some resource guarding.

In the end his behavior and breed were not at all as described. The only time he has every resource guarded is when he got a marrow bone. In reality he was extremely mouthy, ruining multiple pieces of clothing and winter gear. He had no idea how to relax and in the first 10 months would not rest outside of his crate. There were so many problems that even with training we ended up researching places that would help us re-home him.

We also determined through a DNA test that he is actually a Pit Bull, German Shepard, Staffordshire Terrier mix. We think he was under a year when we adopted him. Knowing that a lot of his behaviors became easier to understand.

In the end, after a lot of effort and patience he has turned into a pretty good dog. We still have struggles, but he has become a member of the family. He is now my main work buddy and I have a hard time believing there are many cuter challenges in my future.

Finnegan as a puppy