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Pasta Quest

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and came across a post about resolutions. It argued that resolutions shouldn’t be dreaded tasks. I wish I could find it again because it had some great examples that really drove the point home.

The one example I remember was eating as many different pasta shapes as you can in a year, dubbed the Pasta Quest.

I loved the idea. I’m a big pasta fan and eat more than I probably should, but I haven’t put a concerted effort into trying different shapes. So, 2024 is the year of Pasta Quest. I haven’t set a specific target for the number of shapes, but I’m hoping to try at least a dozen new ones along with a bunch of classics.

Box of Rotelle pasta

So far in 2024, I’ve tried one shape: Rotelle. More to come. I might put up a page once I’ve made more progress.

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